Equalizer® Sentinel™ Sets Large RV Glass!

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The Equalizer® Sentinel™ is an all-new one-man setting device designed to assist you in removing or replacing auto glass.

The Sentinel™ was designed from the ground up to address the modern technician’s frustration with the setting tools available on the market today.


The device can be used as a mobile or in-shop setting device, featuring AC or DC power that works from the front, back, or side of the vehicle using hydraulic power.


You can move the glass in, out, up or down, and adjust angles to get the right position in lifting or setting glass. Using 10-inch vacuum cups with 2 PowerPumps™, the device can take on almost any size of glass.


Sentinel™ is crafted in the USA with high-performance steel and military-grade aluminum.


Learn more by visiting https://equalizer.com/sentinel-setting-device