The Equalizer® PowerPump™ Is Here.

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Equalizer®, the world leader of Auto Glass Tools and innovation for the auto glass industry, has launched a new tool from their invention program.

Add Equalizer® ‘s new PowerPump™ to any vacuum cup that has 1-1/16” diameter plunger and create AirForce™ Technology instantly.

With the Equalizer® PowerPump™ your vacuum cup has constant suction to the glass or any surface the cup is meant to be used on.


The PowerPump™ features a rechargeable battery USB-C outlet and has been designed to run constantly for a minimum of 5 hours. It is also designed to work manually, if you do run out of charge, so the PowerPump™ is always ready for the job.


Contact us for more information on this product or for more information on our other innovative products visit https://www.equalizer.com.


Product page: https://www.equalizer.com/Products/ProductDetail/3905