Going for Gold with Fix Auto USA

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By joining Fix Auto USA’s network and proven platform, independent body shop owners instantly get access to a team of corporate staff who work to help you thrive as well as hundreds of other like-minded business owners.

Fix Auto USA is renowned for the close relationships formed within the network. It’s a step up from the traditional 20 groups, it is a Fix Auto USA family.


Shop owners become incredibly close with one another both professionally and personally, with the ultimate goal of enhancing their businesses.


Realize your full potential by becoming part of something bigger, while keeping your entrepreneurial spirit and equity in your business.


If you are looking for direction in a path forward, but want to retain ownership of your business, consider joining the Fix Auto USA family.


Fix Auto USA facilities are locally owned and operation but get access to the exclusive Fix Auto USA platform.


To speak to someone today about what it takes to become a member of Fix Auto USA, click here.


Source: Fix Auto USA