SATA Compressed Air Filter 500 Series

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The new SATA 584 filters compressed air to help meet the ANSI Grade D breathing air requirement for clean air for breathing and spraying paint.

Right down to the smallest detail, this new filter system has been designed to offer maximum air purification.

The three-stage modular design allows for the flexible adaptation to the requirements of different applications. The SATA 584 filter features cutting-edge, modern-day air filtration technology:


  • Optimized filter elements in the sintered, fine and activated charcoal filter stages for maximum air purification
  • Innovative air flow for low pressure drop
  • Synchronized maintenance: filter maintenance only necessary every six months for all three stages
  • Convenient change of filter elements in three easy steps, ensuring enhanced user acceptance for required maintenance


It all begins with clean air. In paint application, this applies particularly to compressed air quality.

Even the tiniest quantities of oil or dirt and increased levels of moisture can cause coating flaws leading to time-consuming, costly re-work. Only compressed air that has been cleaned of such impurities produces perfect finishes that meet the strictest quality requirements.

Compressed air treatment is especially important when using supplied air respirator equipment, effectively protecting the user's respiratory tract from paint mist and vapors.


SATA/Dan-Am Company