Equalizer® PowerPump™


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Are you ready for the Revolution? Add Airforce™ Technology to your vacuum cup with our all new PowerPump™.

Built from the ground up the Equalizer® PowerPump™ eliminates the need for manual pumping.


This universal plunger gives AirForce™ Technology to every vacuum cup using Equalizer’s proprietary design, saving you time and money on replacement plungers.


The PowerPump™ features a rechargeable battery with light indicators to show battery life. When your battery is low, you can use as a manual plunger until you can recharge your PowerPump™.


Designed with at least 5 hours of constant run time and has been tested with a variety of vacuum cups with 1-1/16” plunger diameter.


Join the revolution and get your PowerPump™ today!


To learn more visit www.equalizer.com
Email: sales@equalizer.com
Phone: 512.388.7715