Fix Auto USA - Rich Fish Testimonial

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In 2000, Richard Fish decided to move his family from Chicago to Southern California and in 2005 opened his own body shop, after spending years in the industry in various executive-level roles.

One location quickly became two, and, in 2011, Fish decided to join Fix Auto USA as one of the founding franchisees. Since then, Fish has been a student of the industry focused on process improvement, learning best practices from other Fix Auto USA members, and enhancing life in the shop for his employees. After joining Fix Auto USA, Fish has expanded his operations across three counties and eight locations.


Are you looking for direction in a path forward, but want to retain ownership of your business? Consider joining the Fix Auto USA family.


Fix Auto USA offers a platform that helps independent owner-operated body shops achieve success in a shrinking marketplace.


To speak to someone today about what it takes to become a member of Fix Auto USA, click here: https://fixautousa.com/franchise-info/