The PULL UP! Repair System by Spanesi

Spanesi walks you through what makes the PULL UP! Repair System such an exciting tool to have in your shop.

Spanesi’s PULL UP! Repair System is a collision repair product based on specific straightening methods which utilize suction cups, glue and impact weights (or pulling column with Electropuller).


These custom shaped suction cups can be used individually or together, thanks to the inclusion of traction bars that can be selected based on the type of damaged parts.


The PULL UP! is designed to provide a variety of pulling forces from light tension to hydraulic ram to address small, medium and large damage areas that are best served by repair versus replace repair methods.


The PULL UP! system attaches to the damaged area, adhering directly to the painted surface.


The PULL UP! does not burn-through substrates and alleviates the need to repair burn through damage or apply backside corrosion protection degradation after repairs.


Removal of the battery, rerouting of electrical wiring, sensors and ADAS systems are not necessary. It also allows for straightening to be performed from the outside of the panel or lining without any need to disassemble or reassemble internal parts.


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