PPG's Top Tips On Clearcoat Application

Applying a quality clearcoat over basecoat color not only provides a superior gloss, it protects the color from fading and enhances appearance, scratch resistance and overall durability.

This standard operating procedure (SOP) covers the clearcoat application process.


Step 1. Allow basecoat to flash
After basecoat has flashed appropriate amount of time, begin clearcoat application process.


Step 2. Mask Vehicle
Mask vehicle appropriately according to process document Vehicle Masking Process.


Step 3. Mix and Apply Clearcoat
Following the product document, mix and apply Clearcoat to the entire panel. Allow proper flash time between coats.
* For guarantee and warranty purposes, the clearcoat must extend to the nearest panel edge and cover the basecoat by a minimum of 2.0 mils.


Step 4. Allow Clearcoat to Dry
Allow the clearcoat to dry according to the product document before beginning the finishing process.


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