Equalizer® Power Tools Get the Job Done Right!

Slice through urethane like butter with their Bullet Blades™ that pair with a selection of different style power tools from electric to cordless.

The BlackHawk™ has a heavy-duty, 20-Amp brushless motor to provide ample power for quickly removing the most difficult glass. It’s compact and lightweight design allows for maneuvering tight areas and features a bright LED light to provide visibility in dark work areas.


The Ambush™ is designed to cut through the toughest urethane. A heavy-duty 20-Volt motor provides the power to quickly remove difficult glass. Both of these also have the convenience of being battery powered.


The StingRay™ has high torque, fast acceleration. The ergonomic design gives you a comfortable, natural grip and clearance no matter which direction you are cutting.


The Black-Ops™ also has a compact design for easy access to tight areas and more flexibility of applications. With the powerful motor, Black-Ops™ will cut through the thickest of urethane with ease.


Plus, all of these power tools pair with Equalizer’s Bullet Blades™! These elongated, rounded blades are designed to cut from all angles. Their unique shape and sharpening make side-to-side cutting easier and make slicing through wide beads of urethane a breeze.


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