1008 Modified Downdraft Booth by UniCure Spraybooths

UniCure Spraybooths knows there are two keys to downdraft airflow.

The first key is how the air is delivered. Instead of delivering the air into one place at the rear or side of the booth, UniCure uses a split duct system to deliver the air to the top of the booth in two places. The air is delivered to the front and the back of the upper plenum, not to just one location. This allows for even distribution of air and temperature throughout the spraybooth.

The second key to downdraft airflow is the exhaust system. One system is the downdraft pit model where concrete work is required to excavate an inground pit. Single or three row pits are common, but UniCure also has a custom four tunnel pit which uses a unique configuration and two exhaust fans with one on each side of the booth.


Another downdraft system is downdraft side-exhaust which gives you the benefits of a downdraft pit model without the concrete work and provides a clear floor instead of walking on grating.


One more downdraft system is the modified downdraft which is similar to the side-exhaust with two fans, but the fans are located on each end of the booth. The modified downdraft gives you the benefits of the side-exhaust in a narrower footprint.

Which downdraft model is right for you? UniCure can custom build any model to your specifications. We have downdraft paint booths to fit any need! Give us a call at 615-889-3330.