Equalizer® BTB "Winged" Anti-Scratch Pinchweld Preparation Scraper Sets

With the regular profile, WK6SET, and the new narrow profile, WK6NKIT, you get two fantastic options of blades that will last for years!

Featuring winged edges, these blades are sharpened on the outside of the curve and help to avoid scratching the paint when removing excess urethane after a windshield removal or removing urethane with shattered tempered glass fragments.


The narrow profile blades provide better clearance when working closely against pinchwelds, roof panels, A-pillars, and trim while preventing damage to the paint and body. Easily sharpen the blades before each use for a smooth and safe cut every time.


With a BTB scraper set, you will save hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need to purchase countless replacement blades!


Get your BTB scraper set here: https://bit.ly/3agwJuE


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