Focus on the Spanesi Touch


Spanesi presents the Touch electronic measuring system and its infinite measuring possibilities. Measure what you’ve been missing.

The Touch electronic measuring system allows you to quickly perform body structural measurements; (including upper body, under body, and body side openings), mechanical parts measurements, vehicle damage analysis, and efficiently create accurate repair plan documentation. Pre- and post-repair documentation ensures that collision repair facilities have the information necessary to ensure proper repairs have been completed.

The Touch electronic measuring system’s feature suite includes;
      • Fast and easy setup. Be measuring in minutes.
      • Measure vehicles on any lift, bench, frame rack or with the vehicle on the ground.
      • Simple and intuitive software interface.
      • Damage analysis documentation that is simple to understand.
      • Under-body, upper-body and body-side opening and mechanical parts measurements.
      • Ability to add user specified measurement points to the software.
      • Vehicle repairs can be completed on any straightening bench.
      • Measuring options include loaded and unloaded suspension measurements.
      • Real-time measurements during each pull to ensure precise straightening processes.
      • Repair documentation for pre- and post-repairs.

The Touch electronic measuring system is certified by over 45 vehicle manufacturers around the globe. No other measuring system is compares when it comes to flexibility, speed and the exacting accuracy provided by the Touch electronic measuring system.

Recognized globally as a top-tier provider of collision repair equipment, Spanesi employs modern day repair methodologies into the new product design processes. Spanesi equipment is created to accommodate current and future vehicle construction methods and repair standards. Spanesi utilizes the highest quality materials available in order to ensure the strength and durability of Spanesi equipment throughout its lifetime. Owners, managers and technicians are quickly choosing Spanesi as their preferred equipment supplier for all of their collision repair equipment requirements.


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