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Sheet Metal Repairs Should Be Driving Your Profits Up


The Airopower is a fully pneumatic push-pull ram system built to enhance technician work capacity, shop work flow, and potential profits. It has a three-point, push-pull repair technique with 5.25 tons of power, making it the perfect complement to your existing frame repair equipment.

Common sheet-metal damage seen on quarter panels, wheelhouse openings, trunk spaces, rear body panels, door hinges, and more can be performed completely outside of repair bays, eliminating the need to tie vehicles down, and freeing up space needed for larger repairs. It sits on a small cart-on-wheels and can easily be moved around the shop.

Airopower 53 is designed to perform daily repairs with quicker set-ups, in less space, at a lower upfront cost to you.

To learn more about how to incorporate a more efficient repair process for technicians, contact:
Equipment Gateway