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Waterborne Made Easy With Cromax EZ

For Collision Solutions in New Orleans, LA, making the switch to Cromax® EZ waterborne played a vital role in improving speed, color accuracy and profitability for the shop.

With Cromax® EZ from Axalta Coating Systems, Collision Solutions was able to achieve their goal of 90-minute touch-times in the booth—helping them get more cars through the booth. And, because Cromax® EZ uses the same coat-flash application process their painters have already mastered, making the switch to waterborne was incredibly easy.

Cromax® EZ is easy to mix, easy to apply, and delivers winning coverage to every vehicle. And, when used with Axalta’s ColorNet® system, you can eliminate the need for spray outs with the ability to proof color formulations right on your Acquire™ Quantum EFX screen.

See how easy growing your business with Cromax® EZ can be.

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