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PPG's Envirobase High Performance Translucent Blend Repair Process

Many OEM colors are considered to be translucent, providing a cleaner, more vibrant look than older technology pigmentation. In this video, we will review PPG’s recommended process for repairing translucent colors with the Envirobase® High Performance waterborne basecoat system.

It is very important to understand the impact of spectral grays on your final color when working with translucent colors. The pigments used to formulate these types of colors must be transparent to keep their vibrancy. When you try to paint a color like this in 1.5 coats or to full hiding, you lose clarity and color match. This demonstration will show the benefits of using a blended edge underneath a translucent color versus the defined edge of a sanded primer alone.

For more information please visit Envirobase.com or contact your local PPG distributor.