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Enhance Shop Productivity With SATA's RPS Cup System

SATA® RPS™ facilitates the painters’ work, enhances the bodyshops’ productivity and reduces the use of cleaning agents and solvents.
The vented RPS system allows a constant and even flow-rate, for constant color match and film build, whether the cup is full, half full, or just has a couple ounces in it, the flow rate will stay the same down to the last drop.
The cups can be used for mixing, spraying and, when the job is complete, storage.

RPS Cup Benefits
#01 Bendable
The RPS cups have the built-in flexibility of the cup lid “neck” allowing painters to tilt the cups forward or side to side to spray at different angles. This flexibility assists in making the RPS a great solution for difficult paint jobs. Excluding 0.3 L minijet version.
#02 Clean
With SATA RPS, removing the cup from the spray gun is a clean process. When the paint job is finished, squeeze the cup and close the vent cap to create a vacuum. Turn the spray gun upside down and pull the trigger to empty the material passage ensuring easy gun cleaning.
#03 Safe
Occasionally while painting the cup may accidentally knock into the vehicle or stand. Due to the robust threaded connection between the cup and the lid, any chance of the cup becoming detached is avoided.
#04 Refillable
Refilling paint during the application process is sometimes necessary. The design of the cup allows the simple and clean topping off and the easy exchange of the material filter.


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