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The Car-O-Liner PointX Improves Cycle Time by Easily Measuring the Entire Vehicle

Improve Cycle Time and Increase Profits with PointX™

PointX Estimating and Diagnostics improves cycle time, increases profits, and reduces supplements with confident estimating.

PointX includes a new generation of technology, both in the carbon fiber hand-held measuring device and Vision2 PointX software.


Under Vehicle Measuring

PointX can be used for point-to-point, absolute and 3D measuring, providing quick and accurate diagnostic measuring data. Automatic height calculations speed up the measuring process, resulting in increased throughput and a decrease in your “Key to Key” cycle time.

Upper Body Measuring

From radiator support and tail light pockets, to door openings, the PointX measuring device with comprehensive data and Vision2 software, will impact your supplement ratio-reducing cycle time and increase your revenue.

Benefits of PointX

  •  •   Upper body Point-To-Point measurement capability — measure the entire vehicle.
  •  •   Bluetooth communication with Vision2 PointX Software — no need for cords or cables.
  •  •   Electronic documentation with printed report – Get paid for your work.
  •  •   Three dimension under vehicle measuring.
  •  •   Lightweight, efficient and easy-to-use carbon fiber measuring arm.
  •  •   Features Car-O-Data™, the world’s most comprehensive vehicle database.

For more information about PointX, visit or call 800-521-9696