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Dave Kindig Demonstrates How the Neutralizer AC Removes Static Quickly and Easily



The Neutralizer AC is unique in that it gets the job done right the first time. Perfection is key in this industry. This gun removes static quickly and easily, so debris stays out of the work environment, improving productivity and profitability.

This anti-static blow off gun combines state-of-the art static elimination technology with the efficiency and power of an air amplifier to produce a highly effective surface prep tool. The Neutralizer AC can be used at all stages of surface prep, before and after priming, painting and applying a top coat in the paint booth. By removing static charge, dust, fibers and airborne impurities will not stick to plastic, fiberglass, and other surfaces.

As part of its automotive product offering, NRD manufactures specialty ionizers for the auto body industry to eliminate surface contamination. These ionizers allow users to keep surfaces clean, avoiding unnecessary reworking and buffing. Ultimately, it saves time and money while delivering improved automotive customization with maximum customer satisfaction.

NRD received a SEMA Global Media Award in November 2017 for the Neutralizer AC’s uniqueness. Each judge carefully reviewed and evaluated nearly 3,000 product entries at the SEMA Show before selecting the products they felt would have mass appeal to automotive personalization and customization markets in their home countries and worldwide.


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