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Wizards Mystic System Speeds up Buffing & Eliminates Swirls


Wizards Mystic Cut is a fast cutting compound formulated with exclusive Smart Abrasive Technology for the new scratch resistant and hard to buff medium and high solid clears. The nano-abrasive compound gives fast progressive cutting action and extreme gloss finishing by simply changing pads from cut to polish/finish. Your pad choice will determine the speed of cut and degree of gloss without the gritty compound mess, swirls or fine pad scratches. Recommended for 1200/1500/2000 grit sand scratch removal on all paint/clear types, fresh or aged. Mystic Cut can be used in high speed rotary or dual action/DA applications with outstanding results.


Wizards Mystic Polish is a machine glaze formulated to quickly remove swirl marks, light scratches and minor defects with the same Smart Abrasive Technology found in Mystic Cut. Use as an optional machine polish/glaze step after compounding or as a standalone for light cut polishing needs. A deep and flawless finish can be achieved on all color medium/high solids, scratch resistant, custom and OEM finishes.

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Mystic Cut:
Wizards Mystic Cut

Mystic Polish:
Wizards Mystic Polish

How to Buff Without Swirls

The Wizards Bodyshop System Application Guide