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The Big, Bad Chief Centurion Frame Rack

The Chief Centurion heavy-duty frame rack is the biggest and strongest rack you can buy.



Customizable lengths up to 70 feet long and a choice of 14-foot or 10-foot towers with 55 tons of pulling force mean there’s nothing you can’t pull and straighten with this American-made rack.


And it’s fast. Mobile drive-on ramps are easy to position and lock into place to make it a snap to simply drive the vehicle onto the rack. While other heavy-duty pulling systems take an hour or more just to set up, you can have a vehicle on Centurion with the tower positioned to make a pull in literally 10 minutes. How’s that for improving cycle times?


Centurion’s pulling towers feature high-grade aluminum rollers that can be adjusted for the best pull location. Using aluminum decreases the weight of the rollers, making it easier for technicians to make the necessary adjustments.


The rack’s deck is pre-plumbed with hydraulic control and air outlets every 10 feet to make it convenient to plug the towers into the deck in the best location without creating trip hazards.


Why waste money on racks or pulling systems that choke on the big jobs? If you want to grow your heavy-duty collision repair business, Centurion can give you all the power and performance you need.


For more information, visit or call (800) 445-9262.