Mungenast Collision Chooses Chief to Stay Current

In today’s ever-changing vehicle landscape, it is imperative that shops stay up-to-date on the latest collision repair equipment and techniques.

Choosing the best equipment and suppliers helps keep technicians productive and improves cycle times. As Scott Hortiz, general manager of the high-volume shop Mungenast Collision Centers says, “Down time is dead time for us.”



Mungenast Collision relies on Chief equipment to quickly and efficiently bring vehicles back to factory specs. The team appreciates how quickly and easily they can set up vehicles on their impulse E/VHT™ frame racks. And they like the fact that the LaserLock™ Live Mapping™ system constantly measures up to 45 points simultaneously in real time while pulling. This eliminates the need to recalibrate after every pull and reduces the risk of putting more damage into the vehicle.


“LaserLock helps us see what the whole car is doing while we’re pulling on it so we’re not stressing areas that don’t need to be stressed,” says technician Curt Roth. “It really gives us good insight into what’s going on with the car throughout the whole process.”


The Chief impulse E/VHT provides 10,000 lbs. of lifting capacity and 10 tons of power at the hook. Its low-pressure system offers more power and tighter control for faster, higher-quality repairs.


LaserLock can simultaneously measure more reference points than any other system. It can map an entire vehicle at once—an important feature when repairing diamond or twist damage, or frames with both front and rear damage.


For more information, visit www.chiefautomotive.com or call (800) 445-9262.