How to Cut, Polish and Wax with this Perfect Pair

The Wizard21 Big Throw Polisher is a 21 MM throw dual action polisher perfect for any shop.



The professional will appreciate the ease and speed of polishing out swirls, buffer marks and surface imperfections after initial cutting with a rotary. Or if finish sanding to 3000 grit or finer, use the Wizard21 to tackle buffing to a perfect finish with ease. Simply put, your finish will be free from swirls and holograms with minimal skill or effort.


Compared to traditional orbital polishers, The Wizard 21’s large throw/orbit significantly cuts working time. Features of the polisher include a huge 21 MM orbit, easy start/no delay trigger; 2,000 to 4,200 OPM, constant speed control and 6” backing plate.


A convenient Wizards tote bag is also included.


To achieve the perfect result, Wizards recommends our Scratch & Swirl Removal Kit, Part #99121.


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