Achieve Tricky OEM Reds in Three Easy Steps

DeBeer Refinish’s Metallic Bright Red Toner Delivers Color Match in Three Steps


Optimized for coverage and effect, DeBeer Metallic Bright Red solves an industry-wide problem for refinishers: repairing OEM candy transparent reds. This new, patent-pending toner technology achieves OEM candy color hiding and match in the first step, while the subsequent translucent and clearcoat layers deliver vibrance, depth and high-gloss. So advanced yet so simple, the user-friendly 1-2-3 process delivers amazingly accurate results and invisible blends without cloudiness or mottling. Compared to competitive solutions that include four or more steps, DeBeer Metallic Bright Red saves professionals time and money, but most importantly, improves success and overall customer satisfaction.


The Metallic Bright Red toner is available for both solvent and waterborne mixing colors including: 9184 Metallic Bright Red for DeBeer WaterBase 900+ Series and 5184 Metallic Bright Red for BeroBase 500 Series (solvent).


For more information, visit www.de-beer.com.