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Learn everything you need to know to spray water in your shop. Valspar Automotive shares application steps for its most user-friendly waterborne system from DeBeer Refinish. The WaterBase 900+ Series is not only VOC compliant, but effective in delivering color match, coverage and driving efficiencies—productivity and profitability.
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Matrix Automotive Finishes’ AG-40 is a staple at Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas. Ryan Evans, the shop’s lead painter, turns to AG-40 for almost every custom job that requires mil build, longevity and most important—shine.


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Incorporating breakthrough, proprietary resin technology, PPG’s En-V® line of premium clearcoats allows you to select the right clearcoat for the specific job while raising the industry bar for performance and appearance. En-V clears are engineered to go over and work beautifully with the industry-leading ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat system. The three premium clears can be used anywhere in the US and Canada.

With one universal hardener and four temperature-specific reducers, painters can select the one that works best for shop conditions. The 3-to-1-to-1 mix ratio is the same, no matter which reducer you choose. The En-V series offers a solution for every type of refinishing, from spot repair to overalls in all temperature conditions.
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Rapidly cure fillers and coatings —in three minutes or less — with the REVO Handheld. This powerful, lightweight tool is ideal for fast spot repairs, but can also be used for a variety of other applications. With the REVO Handheld, you can soften glass seals to remove a windshield, heat up aluminum to repair aluminum-body vehicles, pull a dent, or remove ornaments and adhesives. The REVO Handheld allows you to get more repairs done faster, saving you time and money.


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The Chief MI200T is more powerful, more efficient and more affordable than any other spot welder on the market, giving your shop the ability to increase productivity and weld effectiveness.


Designed to deliver the large currents needed for flawless fusion, the MI200T’s high-performance pliers require only a 40A service and draw up to 40 percent less power than other cable pliers, further enhancing energy savings and reducing long-term costs.


The lightweight transformer pliers are cooled to the tip with a duty cycle so high that technicians can weld continuously without slowing down, making it the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high-strength steels.


The MI200T offers worry-free welding through the TrueAutoMode™ automatic welding system that detects the metal type and thickness, as well as the presence of adhesives and insulation, and then automatically adjusts and sets the welding parameters accordingly. It provides instant feedback to the technician about the quality of every weld, while simultaneously logging the results into memory.


While most other welders only offer three or four arm configurations, the MI200T has 11 different configurations. Changing arms is fast and easy, allowing technicians to customize their welder in seconds and reach even the toughest spots.


The MI200T also features the industry’s longest welding cable for increased reach, a 360-degree Gyro for easier maneuverability, and a simple-to-use LCD interface with easy-to-follow graphical controls.


Only the MI200T gives you the all the features you want from a top-end welder at a low-end price; proving once again, that nothing else is a Chief.


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Wizards Mystic Cut is a fast cutting compound formulated with exclusive Smart Abrasive Technology for the new scratch resistant and hard to buff medium and high solid clears. The nano-abrasive compound gives fast progressive cutting action and extreme gloss finishing by simply changing pads from cut to polish/finish. Your pad choice will determine the speed of cut and degree of gloss without the gritty compound mess, swirls or fine pad scratches. Recommended for 1200/1500/2000 grit sand scratch removal on all paint/clear types, fresh or aged. Mystic Cut can be used in high speed rotary or dual action/DA applications with outstanding results.


Wizards Mystic Polish is a machine glaze formulated to quickly remove swirl marks, light scratches and minor defects with the same Smart Abrasive Technology found in Mystic Cut. Use as an optional machine polish/glaze step after compounding or as a standalone for light cut polishing needs. A deep and flawless finish can be achieved on all color medium/high solids, scratch resistant, custom and OEM finishes.

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Mystic Cut:
Wizards Mystic Cut

Mystic Polish:
Wizards Mystic Polish

How to Buff Without Swirls

The Wizards Bodyshop System Application Guide


Matrix kicked off the Mavericks of Color campaign in 2017 with Ryan Evans from Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas, Cody Lumpkin from Dick Lumpkin’s Autobody in Piqua, Ohio and Shane Marchyshyn, Automotive Services Inc., in Columbus, Ohio. This year, Matrix will announce its new Mavericks of Color for 2018 at The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Oct 31-Nov 4. Who will it be? We can tell you they’re smart—trailblazers in and out of the booth. Creators. Risk takers. True artists. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Maverick? Start blazing your own trail. View our product line and schedule a demo.



For over 35 years, the DELTRON® refinish system has built a legacy for color match, speed, and outstanding results in almost any operating environment. As tried and true as the family name, it's no wonder the Deltron brand has long been the choice for people named Alloway, Penske, and other family-run outfits across the country.


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As a custom painter, Taylor Schutlz of Schultz Designz, has used his fair share of masking products, but looks to U.S. Chemical & Plastics’ Handy Mask not only for precision, but speed. It’s easy to use design make prepping projects for paint easy, freeing up Taylor to get even more creative with his work.

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The Chief Centurion heavy-duty frame rack is the biggest and strongest rack you can buy.



Customizable lengths up to 70 feet long and a choice of 14-foot or 10-foot towers with 55 tons of pulling force mean there’s nothing you can’t pull and straighten with this American-made rack.


And it’s fast. Mobile drive-on ramps are easy to position and lock into place to make it a snap to simply drive the vehicle onto the rack. While other heavy-duty pulling systems take an hour or more just to set up, you can have a vehicle on Centurion with the tower positioned to make a pull in literally 10 minutes. How’s that for improving cycle times?


Centurion’s pulling towers feature high-grade aluminum rollers that can be adjusted for the best pull location. Using aluminum decreases the weight of the rollers, making it easier for technicians to make the necessary adjustments.


The rack’s deck is pre-plumbed with hydraulic control and air outlets every 10 feet to make it convenient to plug the towers into the deck in the best location without creating trip hazards.


Why waste money on racks or pulling systems that choke on the big jobs? If you want to grow your heavy-duty collision repair business, Centurion can give you all the power and performance you need.


For more information, visit or call (800) 445-9262.

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