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RakJaks are super fast and virtually maintenance free. These quality products are manufactured to strict tolerances in the state-of-the-art, Danbury, Connecticut, manufacturing facility. All machining, plasma cutting and metal forming are produced by computer-controlled machines, to ensure accuracy. Each jack is then meticulously hand assembled, tested and packaged with American-made pride. RakJak is one of the most useful tools in the body shop.

For more information visit Gojakparts.com.

Spanesi developed the 360° Concept to provide collision repair facilities with a single source supplier for all of their collision repair equipment needs. From the brand-new PULL UP! Repair System, spray booths, prep stations, mixing rooms, straightening benches, welders, electronic measuring systems, vacuum systems, and more, no single company has a more complete product line than Spanesi.

Recognized as a top-tier provider of collision repair equipment, Spanesi equipment is certified by vehicle manufacturers around the globe. By employing modern day repair methodologies into the new product design processes, Spanesi equipment is created to accommodate current and future vehicle construction methods and repair standards. Spanesi utilizes the highest quality materials available in order to ensure the strength and durability of Spanesi equipment throughout its lifetime.

Spanesi’s 360° Concept also offers facility design, training and support throughout the pre-sales, purchasing and post-sales experience.

As collision repair facilities upgrade and purchase equipment, many are migrating from “old school” brands to the latest in collision repair technology. Owners, managers and technicians are quickly choosing Spanesi as their preferred equipment supplier.

To learn more about Spanesi, please visit spanesi.com and please follow Spanesi on your favorite social media platform.

Phone: 224-SPANESI (224-772-6374)

Do you paint the vehicle and individual parts at the same time? Is your booth out of date and out of space?

UniCure Spraybooths would like present the Zapper XL! The UniCure Zapper XL is a multifunction spraybooth with extended length and productivity features. Do you use the whole booth just to paint a single bumper? Would you like to get multiple RO’s through a booth cycle? Then you need the Zapper XL!

This design has extra functions allowing you to use the whole booth OR choose the vehicle end OR the parts end. Load parts carts into the booth through the dual parts doors and pull the vehicle in through the main product doors. The UniCure Zapper XL will improve your productivity and profits!

For more information, give us a call at 615-889-3330 or visit us at spraybooths.com.


Equalizer® Raptor™ is a cord and wire auto glass removal device designed from the ground-up to dramatically improve the power of the vacuum cup with the integration of our AirForce™ Constant Vacuum Cups. This technology has been specifically developed by Equalizer® to create a quick placement and constant vacuum to the glass so the Raptor™ stays in place and resists sliding with no pumping required. The Raptor™ is easy to use and minimalizes the chance of damage to the auto body, giving you high quality work and impressive ROI. Use with our Equalizer® RipCord, Squire Wire, or any of our other premium products.



Independent owner, Sebastian Torres, discusses what it is like being a part of the North American network, CARSTAR. Meet Sebastian Torres, independent owner of two collision repair facilities and member of the North American network, CARSTAR.

The Torres family achieved a lifelong goal to own their own collision repair locations. Owning and operating two facilities is no easy feat, however Sebastian Torres and his team mastered the concept of performance driving profitability and they have yet to look back.

Across North America, consolidation rates have yet to slow. Knowing that the industry is continuing at this pace, having the support of CARSTAR is incredibly beneficial for owners like Sebastian Torres. CARSTAR allows collision repairers to independently own and operate their facility but with the boosted resources of the CARSTAR brand, guidance and training. If you are looking for a network that can help you improve your performance and capacity so you can take on more DRPs from top insurance carriers, consider joining the CARSTAR family.

To see if CARSTAR is right for you, visit CARSTARFranchise.com or call 844-906-9764.


Save both time and money with our dust-free sanding solutions! Greater efficiency means better productivity! Micah Wickham of ABC Companies sat down with us to share his experience with Mirka® since switching over to complete Mirka® Dust Free Systems and Iridium by Mirka.

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Introducing the next generation DTM primers available from Glasurit® - 285-15 Black and 285-25 White. Offering all L shade groundcoats, 285-15/25 provide ultra smooth finish, fast sanding and extremely good levelling – reducing the amount of sand time required to achieve a Glasurit finish.

Request access: www2.refinish.basf.us/contact

Matrix Mavericks of Color are painters in small shops striping and airbrushing tanks and helmets. Mavericks are mastering the perfect match and blend in the collision setting, focused on producing and profiting. No matter the style of painter, no matter the type of shop or the application of our paint, Mavericks share a passion for their craft and dedication to the Matrix brand. Meet the new 2020 Mavericks of Color—Michael Ramirez, Buckwild Brand, Los Angeles, CA, Brandon Knowles, Brand-X Customs, Everett, OR and Chad Martin, Chad’s Custom Dreams, Saluda, SC.

More information: https://www.matrixsystem.com/en/mavofcolor

The SATA Minijet 4400 B is the perfect compact spray gun, great for large repairs to small detail work, especially in areas of difficult access. If you are trying to touch up a small scratch on the edge of a panel or just small stone chips in a blend area, the fan size is flexible and functional and is easy to adjust.

It is designed to ensure perfect finishes in various fields of application and the special SR nozzles are perfectly suitable for spot repairs on vehicles.

With its ergonomically shaped handle, the spray gun is perfectly balanced. The fan size and shape with the 1.2 SR nozzle size is also an excellent choice for spraying UV primer.

Fan size is flexible and functional, large repairs to small detail work, incredible little spray gun.

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Spanesi releases the brand-new PULL UP! Repair System.

Spanesi’s new PULL UP! Repair System is a collision repair product based on specific straightening methods which utilize suction cups, glue and impact weights (or pulling column with Electropuller). These custom shaped suction cups can be used individually or together, thanks to the inclusion of traction bars that can be selected based on the type of damaged parts.

The PULL UP! is designed to provide a variety of pulling forces from light tension to hydraulic ram to address small, medium and large damage areas that are best served by repair versus replace repair methods. The PULL UP! system attaches to the damaged area, adhering directly to the painted surface.

The PULL UP! does not burn-through substrates and alleviates the need to repair burn through damage or apply backside corrosion protection degradation after repairs. Removal of the battery, rerouting of electrical wiring, sensors and ADAS systems are not necessary. It also allows for straightening to be performed from the outside of the panel or lining without any need to disassemble or reassemble internal parts.

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