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Listen to real Spanesi customers talk about their experiences with the Spanesi Multibench. The Multibench is an electrohydraulic lift with a small footprint, a maximum lifting capacity of 6,500lbs, a maximum height of 57.5 inches (4.7 feet) and a minimum height of just 1.5 inches. Technicians can work on a rocker panel at eye level and straighten vehicles 360° with the included 10 ton pull tower. The Multibench is versatile and expandable with options such as a universal jig system and the Touch electronic measuring system to work on the most modern of vehicles in the marketplace.  
Spanesi customers experience increases in their facility’s production output using the Multibench as a center point of their facility. Using the Multibench, the vehicle can stay in a single location as it undergoes 100% disassembly, repair planning, structural pulling, panel repairs, paint prep processes, vehicle assembly and final inspection processes.  Designed by and for technicians, the Multibench is the tool for every vehicle repair facility.

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A system that is recognized in the collision repair and refinish industry as ultra-versatile is now ultra-radical with four new toners that promise to deliver special effect colors—more than 100 OEM colors that could not be mixed until now. From Fusion to Seafoam, new Radical Effects Toners promise to shift – be it drastic or ever so subtle – from magenta to green and green/gold to turquoise to deliver interesting and unique color shifts. Highly concentrated, all four toners are available individually to complement the Valspar Refinish system.

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This video tutorial demonstrates how hidden damage can be accurately identified and documented to assist in the blueprinting process throughout the repair. Using the Matrix Active Map 3-D™ application, technicians are able to confirm undiagnosed damage in the strut and knuckle, as well as, suspension damage to a vehicle that hit a pothole. Precision measurements are done quickly with minimal tear down and set-up, allowing a shop to maximize their time through the repair process.

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For over 35 years, the DELTRON® refinish system has built a legacy for color match, speed, and outstanding results in almost any operating environment. As tried and true as the family name, it's no wonder the Deltron brand has long been the choice for people named Alloway, Penske, and other family-run outfits across the country.


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Original One Parts offers 100% OEM parts that pass a proprietary VINtegrity™ certification process to ensure they meet the original form, fit and function of new parts, and all parts are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

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Why choose between speed and appearance? Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes has the perfect solution for your premium automotive clearcoat needs. CC220 Dynamic Clearcoat not only delivers a premium finish, it does so in half the amount of time when compared to other clearcoats in its category.

Tom Griffin,
President of Mayfield Collision Centers in Cleveland, runs two high-production facilities that repair an average of 275 cars per month. Production and quality are of the utmost importance to his business.

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes
2K urethane clearcoat, CC200, delivers more than expected for his painters and locations. With a short bake cycle, CC200 not only results in an amazing finish, it reduces energy consumption and shortens reassembly to improve cycle time and ultimately throughput.

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Take a behind the scenes look at our photo shoot with the 2018 Matrix Mavericks of Color - Justin Nichols, Joe Vincent and Gary Zaborowski.

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The Equalizer® Raptor™ is the world’s best auto glass removal tool designed to save auto glass without damage to the pinchweld or paint, and can be used with wire or reusable cord to remove all types of auto glass. The Equalizer® Raptor™ features our AirForce™ Technology that improves the power of the vacuum cup and eliminates the need for manual pumping, creating a quick and completely secure seal to the glass so the Raptor™ stays in place and resists sliding on the toughest removals. The Equalizer® Raptor™ is the preferred method for R&I’s which saves cycle time by doing the job yourself and increases profits by keeping the labor in shop.

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Hear what our customers are saying about the Touch Measuring System from Spanesi.

The Touch is a computerized three-dimensional measuring system designed to quickly diagnose, document and blueprint vehicles for the collision repair process. The Touch Measuring System doesn’t just excel during the estimating and disassembly processes; live pull information is just a click away when you’re using the Touch.

Measure vehicles when and where you want. With fast and straightforward setup, the Touch Measuring System is optimized for use on any lift, bench, frame rack or even when the vehicle is on the ground. Users can roll the Touch into a disassembly bay, over to structural repair bench or even out to the parking lot and begin their measurements within minutes.

Simple, intuitive and powerful software makes measuring vehicles a pleasure. Additional program features make sure that you can locate the damage wherever it’s located in the vehicle. Under-body, upper-body, and body-side measurements are all included in the vehicle data. Mechanical parts measurements are easy operations to perform with the Touch and provide valuable information to your technicians to ensure that the vehicle is returned back to vehicle manufacturer specifications. Documentation provided for before, during and after repairs.

You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to using the Touch.
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The Neutralizer AC is unique in that it gets the job done right the first time. Perfection is key in this industry. This gun removes static quickly and easily, so debris stays out of the work environment, improving productivity and profitability.

This anti-static blow off gun combines state-of-the art static elimination technology with the efficiency and power of an air amplifier to produce a highly effective surface prep tool. The Neutralizer AC can be used at all stages of surface prep, before and after priming, painting and applying a top coat in the paint booth. By removing static charge, dust, fibers and airborne impurities will not stick to plastic, fiberglass, and other surfaces.

As part of its automotive product offering, NRD manufactures specialty ionizers for the auto body industry to eliminate surface contamination. These ionizers allow users to keep surfaces clean, avoiding unnecessary reworking and buffing. Ultimately, it saves time and money while delivering improved automotive customization with maximum customer satisfaction.

NRD received a SEMA Global Media Award in November 2017 for the Neutralizer AC’s uniqueness. Each judge carefully reviewed and evaluated nearly 3,000 product entries at the SEMA Show before selecting the products they felt would have mass appeal to automotive personalization and customization markets in their home countries and worldwide.


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