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As the world’s largest chemical company, BASF offers advanced paint technologies, set apart with products backed by support in technical training, color information systems and business management. Customers are at the heart of everything BASF does. That’s why BASF has spent more than 150 years working side-by-side with customers, listening to needs and developing solutions to sustain the future of collision centers in a rapidly evolving industry. BASF offers quality coatings and tailored solutions to create greater efficiencies, productivity, profitability and sustainability in our partner collision centers.

BASF's Automotive Refinish business manufactures and markets coatings for the collision repair, commercial fleet and automotive specialty markets. BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings offers four brands: Glasurit, R-M, Limco and Norbin.

In this video, BASF Color Tool Manager, Yolanda Sandor, shares the benefits of BASF’s automotive coatings.

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SATA® RPS™ facilitates the painters’ work, enhances the bodyshops’ productivity and reduces the use of cleaning agents and solvents.
The vented RPS system allows a constant and even flow-rate, for constant color match and film build, whether the cup is full, half full, or just has a couple ounces in it, the flow rate will stay the same down to the last drop.
The cups can be used for mixing, spraying and, when the job is complete, storage.

RPS Cup Benefits
#01 Bendable
The RPS cups have the built-in flexibility of the cup lid “neck” allowing painters to tilt the cups forward or side to side to spray at different angles. This flexibility assists in making the RPS a great solution for difficult paint jobs. Excluding 0.3 L minijet version.
#02 Clean
With SATA RPS, removing the cup from the spray gun is a clean process. When the paint job is finished, squeeze the cup and close the vent cap to create a vacuum. Turn the spray gun upside down and pull the trigger to empty the material passage ensuring easy gun cleaning.
#03 Safe
Occasionally while painting the cup may accidentally knock into the vehicle or stand. Due to the robust threaded connection between the cup and the lid, any chance of the cup becoming detached is avoided.
#04 Refillable
Refilling paint during the application process is sometimes necessary. The design of the cup allows the simple and clean topping off and the easy exchange of the material filter.


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This Accuvision-3D demonstration video shows the versatility and simplicity of the system. Accuvision-3D can be used as a 2D virtual tram gauge, or full 3D measuring tool. This video shows how quick and simple it is to measure upper body, under body, openings and wheel alignment diagnostics. The system can be used indoors or outdoors, no calibrations of the tool or leveling of vehicle is required. The new IR system works under ALL light conditions, even under direct sunlight.

Accuvision-3D is the latest innovation in 3D Measuring, now also with the additional wheel alignment diagnostics feature in the software, no calibrations, no setups, no extensions, no lasers, no targets, just point and measure, optical IR system, highly accurate and quick. Fast payback on investment. Get 3D reports for estimates and repairs in seconds. System uses Mitchell data. Training included.

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This standard operating procedure covers PPG's recommended process for sanding primer surfacer during your repair. Before beginning any repair, be sure to always wear the recommended safety protection for the job.

1. Apply a Guide Coat
When preparing to sand a primer surfacer, a best practice is to first apply a “guide coat”. This application helps detect any low spots or minor imperfections prior to sanding the primer surfacer.

2. Block Sanding
Next, block sand the repair area with P320 grit until the guide coat is removed, then re-apply the guide coat.

3. Sand with Dual Action Sander
Then, use a dual action sander with P400 — again, removing all of the guide coat.

4. Sanding For a Basecoat Blend
For a basecoat blend, prepare the rest of the panel, first using P600 grit, following with P800 grit where the clearcoat will extend. Then use a grey scuff pad to prepare the panel edges for the basecoat blend.

5. If Applying Wet-on-Wet Sealer
If applying a “wet-on-wet sealer” before topcoating, clean the repair with waterborne cleaner and dry thoroughly with clean towels.

6. If NOT Applying a Wet-on-Wet Sealer
If a wet-on-wet sealer is not being used, finish dual action sanding with P600 grit.

7. Precaution for Exposed Bare Metal
Should any bare metal become exposed during the repair, a self-etching primer should be applied, following the product instructions.
You’re now ready to proceed preparing the panel for a spot repair, following the process instructions for a basecoat blend.


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Collision Works, the largest MSO in the Oklahoma/Kansas area, switched over to the new Ultra 9K™ Waterborne Refinish System from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. Technical and system specialists from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes were on-site throughout the conversion to ensure a smooth transition from the previous to new system, and to train painters how to apply Ultra 9K and use Sherwin-Williams' color tools including online retrieval software, global color box and spectrophotometer. The process at Collision Works location in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, according to Store Leader, James Cornell and Lead Painter, Zac Yarbrough, was seamless and required little to no learning curve--they're painting more cars now using Sherwin-Williams' "best basecoat ever."

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SPECTRATEK InstaCure UVLED is a high performance hand-held UV LED curing lamp, specially designed for automotive repair & industrial refinishes. This battery powered device is usable on all current UV light curable paint products.

Equipped with a unique UV LED circuit board allowing a high, uniform and constant irradiance on the curing surface during the complete battery autonomy. The irradiance emitted by the UV LED, up to 200mW/cm2, allows an almost instant full cure with no heat.

Faster, safer, and more efficient than any other UV and Infrared curing process.

SPECTRATEK InstaCure UVLED design and assembling guarantee a safety use. No risk of burns.

No need warm-up time before using and no cooling time required between jobs.

SPECTRATEK InstaCure UVLED is the perfect choice for the best results.

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AMH Canada Ltd.
391 St-Jean-Baptiste Est, Rimouski (Québec) Canada, G5L 1Z2
CANADA Phone: (418) 724-4105
USA Phone : (330) 519-5874

Connie Manjavinos explains how she got into the paint industry. She started out using a few different guns, but SATA was the one that stuck with her because of the bold look, good grip, easy flow, she gets quality work with her SATA and RPS cups. She enjoys working with SATA and the Dan-Am Company team because of the family-oriented service and care. She wants to continue to inspire people with Girls behind the Gun and getting people inspired to get into this industry.

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This standard operating procedure (SOP) covers the process for applying a primer surfacer during a repair, including how to achieve proper adhesion, sanding and cleaning tips, and more. Before beginning any repair, always wear the recommended safety protection required for the job.

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Spanesi's 106 Series Straightening Benches are the world's most advanced structural repair workstations and are designed to produce repairs that meet OEM repair standards for all vehicles and all repair type severities.

Gear driven fixtures are featured on the 106 Series Straightening Benches which allow for upward and downward jig thrusts at every jig mounting point. This provides the collision repair technician the utmost in flexibility when repairing collision damaged vehicles. Technicians can hold, pull and measure vehicle structures, all at the same time, using Spanesi's 3D repair concept and built-in universal measuring system.

With an included vertical pulling column, up to 10 tons of pulling force can be leveraged and positioned at any of the included 12 bench mounting locations, 360 degrees pulling angles surrounding the vehicle, and without the loss of pulling power. With 11,000 lbs. of lifting capacity, 106 Series Straightening Benches are designed to repair light duty, medium duty and commercial vehicles.

No other bench brings so much value into one single platform.

One brand. Complete focus. Spanesi.
224-SPANESI (224-772-6374)

The DeBeer Refinish WaterBase Series 900+ is easier to mix and spray than other waterborne refinish systems. Consisting of just 64 mixing colors, including pearl metallic and xirallics, the DeBeer Refinish waterborne system has been deliberately kept simple; must-have primers, clearcoats and ancillaries are included to drive efficiencies in and out of the booth. Supported by global color tools, the DeBeer Refinish WaterBase Series 900+ system achieves the highest degree of color precision resulting in a superior finish, again and again.

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