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Since 1984, Axalta Coating Systems and Deano’s Collision have been a match made in color. Deano’s has been using advanced digital color match tools from Axalta for over 20 years and depends on them to easily get a more accurate color match—helping Deano’s keep customers satisfied and grow their business.

Now, thanks to the Acquire™ Quantum EFX, color match is even easier. The Acquire Quantum EFX camera can read the most complicated flakes and pearls, while better capturing to help find the right formula for the best possible color match.

With its lightweight, compact design and bright touchscreen, using the Acquire Quantum EFX is just as easy. And, when used with Axalta’s ColorNet® system, you can eliminate the need for spray outs with the ability to proof color formulations right on your screen.

See how the most technologically advanced color match tools from Axalta have made matching color as easy as 1,2,3.

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Many OEM colors are considered to be translucent, providing a cleaner, more vibrant look than older technology pigmentation. In this video, we will review PPG’s recommended process for repairing translucent colors with the Envirobase® High Performance waterborne basecoat system.

It is very important to understand the impact of spectral grays on your final color when working with translucent colors. The pigments used to formulate these types of colors must be transparent to keep their vibrancy. When you try to paint a color like this in 1.5 coats or to full hiding, you lose clarity and color match. This demonstration will show the benefits of using a blended edge underneath a translucent color versus the defined edge of a sanded primer alone.

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would like to thank Hilltoppers for the opportunity to partner in this project. Here is what Owner David Cote had to say about this experience:

““After extensive research with various manufacturers on the right Paint Booth to suite our demanding automotive restoration needs, Hilltoppers Speed Shop decided to purchase a UniCure 1006 Downdraft Side Exhaust Spraybooth Oven Combination. Being a shop that focuses on high end restorations, it was very important for us to choose a booth that would allow us to attain the highest quality paint jobs possible for our customers. We feel we have achieved that with our UniCure Booth. Their sales and engineering staff worked with us every step of the way to ensure our specific needs were met from the sales, design, construction and installation phases of the build. Communication was excellent throughout the entire process. The finished product is amazing! I would highly recommend a UniCure booth to anybody who is looking for a professional, reliable and customer friendly process delivering a high quality and affordable paint booth”.”

David Cote

President, Hilltoppers Speed Shop
Dickson, TN

UniCure Spraybooths is a full line customer manufacturer of automotive, truck, and industrial paint booths. Give us a call at 615-889-3330 for your next booth project.

In 2019, R-M, premium paint brand of BASF, is celebrating its hundred years in business. Discover the most important milestones through which the brand has shaped and further developed the automotive refinish industry since 1919 – all thanks to the pioneering spirit of its founders. In this centenary year, the R-M brand celebrates with its customers throughout the world its greatest success stories, and shares these online.
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Tube Tape is 2X faster for masking jambs than back taping, and it eliminates the pain points of foam tape. It will not fall off; It always gives a soft edge; and it never leaves an adhesive residue. It also works great as a transition tape. Buy it online at, or buy it at a discounted price from your local Jobber.

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Ensuring good adhesion over a bare plastic substrate requires that it be cleaned properly and coated with adhesion promoter before application of an undercoat. This standard operating procedure covers PPG’s system for preparing unprimed plastic—featuring four essential products from the OneChoice® line of specialty products: SU4901 Clean and Scuff Sponge, SU4902 Plastic Adhesion Wipe, SU4903 Advanced Plastic Bond (also available as an aerosol, product code SUA4903), and SXA103 Multi-prep Cleaner.

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The Touch electronic measuring system allows technicians, estimators and damage analysis professionals to quickly perform body structural (including upper body, under body, and body side openings) measuring, mechanical parts measurements, vehicle damage analysis, and efficiently create accurate repair plan documentation. Pre- and post-repair documentation ensures that collision repair facilities have the information necessary to ensure proper repairs have been completed.

Touch Electronic Measuring System Highlights:
• Fast and easy setup.
• Identify damaged areas while measuring vehicles in minutes.
• Measure vehicles on any lift, bench, frame rack or with the vehicle on the ground.
• Simple and intuitive software interface.
• Produce damage analysis documentation that is simple to understand.
• Document under-body, upper-body and body-side opening and mechanical parts measurements.
• Add user specified measurement points to the software.
• Real-time measurements, using any bench or rack, ensuring precise straightening operations.
• Loaded and unloaded suspension measurements.
• Repair documentation demonstrating pre- and post-repair data

No other system is compares when it comes to flexibility, speed and the exacting accuracy provided by the Touch Electronic Measuring System.

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Spanesi Americas, Inc.
123 Ambassador Dr. STE 107
Naperville, IL 60540
(224) 772-6374

This short video covers the three key areas for perfecting your work with PPG's waterborne basecoat: equipment care, product use and correct application.

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As the world’s largest chemical company, BASF offers advanced paint technologies, set apart with products backed by support in technical training, color information systems and business management. Customers are at the heart of everything BASF does. That’s why BASF has spent more than 150 years working side-by-side with customers, listening to needs and developing solutions to sustain the future of collision centers in a rapidly evolving industry. BASF offers quality coatings and tailored solutions to create greater efficiencies, productivity, profitability and sustainability in our partner collision centers.

BASF's Automotive Refinish business manufactures and markets coatings for the collision repair, commercial fleet and automotive specialty markets. BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings offers four brands: Glasurit, R-M, Limco and Norbin.

In this video, BASF Color Tool Manager, Yolanda Sandor, shares the benefits of BASF’s automotive coatings.

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SATA® RPS™ facilitates the painters’ work, enhances the bodyshops’ productivity and reduces the use of cleaning agents and solvents.
The vented RPS system allows a constant and even flow-rate, for constant color match and film build, whether the cup is full, half full, or just has a couple ounces in it, the flow rate will stay the same down to the last drop.
The cups can be used for mixing, spraying and, when the job is complete, storage.

RPS Cup Benefits
#01 Bendable
The RPS cups have the built-in flexibility of the cup lid “neck” allowing painters to tilt the cups forward or side to side to spray at different angles. This flexibility assists in making the RPS a great solution for difficult paint jobs. Excluding 0.3 L minijet version.
#02 Clean
With SATA RPS, removing the cup from the spray gun is a clean process. When the paint job is finished, squeeze the cup and close the vent cap to create a vacuum. Turn the spray gun upside down and pull the trigger to empty the material passage ensuring easy gun cleaning.
#03 Safe
Occasionally while painting the cup may accidentally knock into the vehicle or stand. Due to the robust threaded connection between the cup and the lid, any chance of the cup becoming detached is avoided.
#04 Refillable
Refilling paint during the application process is sometimes necessary. The design of the cup allows the simple and clean topping off and the easy exchange of the material filter.


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