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Common sheet-metal damage on quarter panels, wheelhouse openings, trunk spaces, rear body panel, door hinges etc. may be tying up your bays and frame machines unnecessarily. Improve cycle-time, technician production, and increase revenue with the tool that repairs damages with 5.25 tons of push-pull power without tying vehicles down.

The Airopower will enhance your frame repair work capacity, since 50% of common sheet-metal pulls typically performed on a frame machine can be done more simply just with the Airopower 53. Utilize less space, enable a quicker set-up, free up your frame bays and perform repairs at a lower cost to you.

The Airopower is the perfect complement to your existing frame equipment, and uses a 3 point push-pull technique that gives the technician 5.25 tons of power. The Airopower takes up very little space and can easily be moved between body bays on its small cart-on-wheels.

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PPG’s EC520 clearcoat delivers the fast throughput demanded by high-production collision centers. How fast? This speed clear force dries in as little as 15 minutes—and at a lower, energy-saving bake temperature (130°F). Ideal for multi-panel repairs in a two-coat process, EC520 requires minimal flash time between coats.

Formulated for application in all markets, EC520 features advanced resin technology that is highly compatible with Envirobase® High Performance waterborne basecoats. EC520 has been engineered to ensure easy use, generate superior productivity and yield consistent high-level results.

For more information please visit or contact your local PPG distributor.

Revolutionary: The X-nozzles are taking atomization to a whole new level.

Noticeably quieter: Whispering nozzle™ due to optimized air flow geometry, reduced noise level in the relevant sound frequency ranges.

Individual: Matches each application requirement, such as specific characteristics of the paint system, climatic conditions and application method (application speed/application control).

Precise: Optimized material distribution for enhanced spraying uniformity and atomization with both spray fan shapes.

Low maintenance: No air distribution insert required, thus also ensuring a much easier and faster cleaning process.

Consistent: Constant fan size across the entire nozzle spectrum (within the range of each respective atomization technology) with linear increases of the material flow rate. 

Efficient: The optimized atomization concept enables to realize considerable material savings using the same application method as before.

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Satajet X 5500


For Collision Solutions in New Orleans, LA, making the switch to Cromax® EZ waterborne played a vital role in improving speed, color accuracy and profitability for the shop.

With Cromax® EZ from Axalta Coating Systems, Collision Solutions was able to achieve their goal of 90-minute touch-times in the booth—helping them get more cars through the booth. And, because Cromax® EZ uses the same coat-flash application process their painters have already mastered, making the switch to waterborne was incredibly easy.

Cromax® EZ is easy to mix, easy to apply, and delivers winning coverage to every vehicle. And, when used with Axalta’s ColorNet® system, you can eliminate the need for spray outs with the ability to proof color formulations right on your Acquire™ Quantum EFX screen.

See how easy growing your business with Cromax® EZ can be.

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Introducing the next generation DTM primers available from Glasurit® - 285-15 Black and 285-25 White. Offering all L shade groundcoats, 285-15/25 provide ultra smooth finish, fast sanding and extremely good levelling – reducing the amount of sand time required to achieve a Glasurit finish.
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Spanesi's 106 Series Straightening Benches are the world's most advanced structural repair workstations and are designed to produce repairs that meet OEM repair standards for all vehicles and all repair type severities.

Gear driven fixtures are featured on the 106 Series Straightening Benches which allow for upward and downward jig thrusts at every jig mounting point. This provides the collision repair technician the utmost in flexibility when repairing collision damaged vehicles. Technicians can hold, pull and measure vehicle structures, all at the same time, using Spanesi's 3D repair concept and built-in universal measuring system.

With an included vertical pulling column, up to 10 tons of pulling force can be leveraged and positioned at any of the included 12 bench mounting locations, 360 degree pulling angles surrounding the vehicle, and without the loss of pulling power. With 11,000 lbs. of lifting capacity, 106 Series Straightening Benches are designed to repair light duty, medium duty and commercial vehicles.

No other bench brings so much value into one single platform.

One brand. Complete focus. Spanesi.
224-SPANESI (224-772-6374)

Since 1984, Axalta Coating Systems and Deano’s Collision have been a match made in color. Deano’s has been using advanced digital color match tools from Axalta for over 20 years and depends on them to easily get a more accurate color match—helping Deano’s keep customers satisfied and grow their business.

Now, thanks to the Acquire™ Quantum EFX, color match is even easier. The Acquire Quantum EFX camera can read the most complicated flakes and pearls, while better capturing to help find the right formula for the best possible color match.

With its lightweight, compact design and bright touchscreen, using the Acquire Quantum EFX is just as easy. And, when used with Axalta’s ColorNet® system, you can eliminate the need for spray outs with the ability to proof color formulations right on your screen.

See how the most technologically advanced color match tools from Axalta have made matching color as easy as 1,2,3.

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Many OEM colors are considered to be translucent, providing a cleaner, more vibrant look than older technology pigmentation. In this video, we will review PPG’s recommended process for repairing translucent colors with the Envirobase® High Performance waterborne basecoat system.

It is very important to understand the impact of spectral grays on your final color when working with translucent colors. The pigments used to formulate these types of colors must be transparent to keep their vibrancy. When you try to paint a color like this in 1.5 coats or to full hiding, you lose clarity and color match. This demonstration will show the benefits of using a blended edge underneath a translucent color versus the defined edge of a sanded primer alone.

For more information please visit or contact your local PPG distributor.

would like to thank Hilltoppers for the opportunity to partner in this project. Here is what Owner David Cote had to say about this experience:

““After extensive research with various manufacturers on the right Paint Booth to suite our demanding automotive restoration needs, Hilltoppers Speed Shop decided to purchase a UniCure 1006 Downdraft Side Exhaust Spraybooth Oven Combination. Being a shop that focuses on high end restorations, it was very important for us to choose a booth that would allow us to attain the highest quality paint jobs possible for our customers. We feel we have achieved that with our UniCure Booth. Their sales and engineering staff worked with us every step of the way to ensure our specific needs were met from the sales, design, construction and installation phases of the build. Communication was excellent throughout the entire process. The finished product is amazing! I would highly recommend a UniCure booth to anybody who is looking for a professional, reliable and customer friendly process delivering a high quality and affordable paint booth”.”

David Cote

President, Hilltoppers Speed Shop
Dickson, TN

UniCure Spraybooths is a full line customer manufacturer of automotive, truck, and industrial paint booths. Give us a call at 615-889-3330 for your next booth project.

In 2019, R-M, premium paint brand of BASF, is celebrating its hundred years in business. Discover the most important milestones through which the brand has shaped and further developed the automotive refinish industry since 1919 – all thanks to the pioneering spirit of its founders. In this centenary year, the R-M brand celebrates with its customers throughout the world its greatest success stories, and shares these online.
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