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Tucson, AZ, Auto Body Shop Accused of Taking Customer’s Money, Not Completing Repair

Written by Chorus Nylander, KVOA News


...Hardman wasn't there. They sent an email without a response. On July 27, they finally got a hold of Hardman.


He said he didn't have time for an on-camera interview but admitted he signed Beard's name on the check. He said Beard told him to do it. Beard said that is not true.


Hardman claimed he sent Beard multiple payments totaling $3,000 and said he would be sending more payments, one as soon as July 30.


He sent News 4 Tucson Investigators three receipts to prove it, showing a $1,500 payment May 22, a $500 payment May 31 and a $1,000 payment June 5. The receipts offer few details to verify the authenticity; parts are crossed out and different colored ink is used in some areas. Hardman's name and the business name are not anywhere on any of the receipts.


Action Paint and Body has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau and six complaints filed within the past year detailing similar experiences. The BBB said it has not received any response from Hardman about the complaints.


"We have a threshold and when we see a pattern of complaints is when we start working with other government agencies to try to get some action. We ask that anybody who has had a similar experience reach out and file a complaint as well," said Denisse Alvarez, spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona.


Alvarez said once they receive a total of eight complaints they will pass off the information to the attorney general or Federal Trade Commission for further investigation.


Beard said he reported his case to Tucson police but was told it is a civil matter.


"Basically my only option is to go after him in civil court. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. He offered me a really good deal but it ended up costing me more than I bargained for," Beard said.


Hardman told News 4 Tucson Investigators he will be reaching out to the Better Business Bureau about the complaints. He blamed former employees he said he had to fire, and said he has been out of town for the past month.


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