Monday, 01 August 2022 10:27

Tucson, AZ, Auto Body Shop Accused of Taking Customer’s Money, Not Completing Repair

Written by Chorus Nylander, KVOA News


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A Tucson, AZ, man told the News 4 Tucson Investigators he brought his truck to Action Paint and Body on Stone near Ft. Lowell for repairs, but said no work was done but the business cashed the check he gave them.

Brandon Beard said he crashed his truck in December 2021 and received an unendorsed $5,752 check from his insurance company. He said Action Paint and Body's owner, Larry Hardman, offered him a good deal and told him he's a veteran and works on Tucson police vehicles. Impressed, he thought Hardman seemed like the right choice.


"I thought it was going to be a good, honest, trustworthy man to do business with," Beard said.


News 4 Tucson Investigators checked with the City of Tucson and were told no city vehicles have been sent to Action Paint and Body.


Beard said Hardman told him to leave the check to hold his place in line for repairs, so he did. He said he didn't hear from Hardman again for two months.


"It was about two months later, I got a hold of him, he informed me he didn't have my check, he had spent the money and that he would pay me back when he could."


Beard said that never happened and he was shocked when he saw his signature on the cashed check. He said he never signed it.


"Both of the endorsements are in the same sloppy handwriting that is not my signature at all," Beard said.


He showed News 4 Tucson Investigators text messages he said were between him and Hardman, trying to get a response from Hardman. Hardman eventually responded, saying he would have a check for him. Beard said he never received any checks from Hardman.


The News 4 Tucson Investigators spent more than a week trying to contact Hardman. They called his shop and spoke to someone multiple times who said...

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