Thursday, 09 June 2022 16:02

Owners of EVs, Hybrids in Louisiana to Pay Annual Road Usage Fee

Written by Alex Reid, CarScoops


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Electric and hybrid vehicle owners in Louisiana will soon be paying a new fee in order to make it fairer for ICE owners, USA Today reported.

According to Republican Baton Rouge Rep. Barbara Freiberg, EV and hybrid owners pay no gasoline taxes or a reduced amount in the case of hybrids and therefore have been getting a “free ride” on publicly owned roads and bridges.


“I think it’s only fair everyone who uses our roads pays something,” Freiberg said.


Freiberg put forth House Bill 1031 which won final passage in the Legislature on June 5 and will ensure electric vehicle and hybrid owners pay their fair share of road taxes.


All-electric vehicle owners will be charged an annual fee of $110, while the fee will be $60 for hybrid owners. Seventy percent of the revenue collected from the fees will go toward the upkeep of state roads and bridges, while 30% would go to local roads and bridges.


Twenty cents per gallon are collected as part of the state gasoline tax, which goes toward the maintenance of existing roads and bridges. The amount of gas taxes that the average driver of gasoline-powered engines pays varies by the make, model, and number of miles driven, but in Louisiana, that number is $148 per year on average.


The bill required...

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