Tuesday, 07 June 2022 08:29

CARSTAR Owner Opens Two Locations in Houston


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CARSTAR, North America’s largest leading multi-store network of independently owned and operated collision repair facilities, announced the opening of two CARSTAR locations.

Owner Mohammad Shuaeb joined CARSTAR with the opening of CARSTAR Ambassador Tidwell, located at 159 Tidwell Road, Houston, TX 77022, and CARSTAR Ambassador Montgomery, located at 11837 W Montgomery Road, Houston, TX 77086.
Both facilities are proudly family-owned and operated. General Manager Moe Adas is Shuaeb’s brother-in-law. Adas has worked in the industry since he can remember, having worked as a mechanic and been around body shops his whole life.
“Both of our locations feature the newest and best equipment on the market so we can facilitate a large volume of repairs,” said Shuaeb, owner. “Our teams are very talented, well-trained and certified to conduct business at the level of quality promised by CARSTAR. We are ready to serve our customers in the Houston area with the added support of CARSTAR.”
The CARSTAR Ambassador Tidwell facility is more than 30,000 square feet on a lot that is about 2 acres. Currently, there are 25 trained employees. Additionally, the facility is I-CAR Gold Class certified and working to obtain more OEM certifications to enhance its services.


CARSTAR Ambassador Montgomery is a 25,000-square foot facility located on about 3 acres of land. The team is looking to bring in more talented employees within the area to continue growing their operations. Both large facilities are equipped with the necessary tools and expert resources to provide quality repairs to serve all customer needs.
“CARSTAR provides independent owners with dedicated resources to enhance their operations, training tools, enhanced buying power for their procurement needs and much more---all geared at helping owners take their business to the next level,” said Dean Fisher, collision group president, Driven Brands. “Mohammad and his teams are poised to deliver the highest level of repair quality and services, with the resources of CARSTAR, partnered with...

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