Wednesday, 01 June 2022 08:55

EOS Linx, Lone Star Business Association Cooperative to Expand EV Charging Network Across Texas

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EOS Linx, a provider of solar-supported electric vehicle (EV) chargers with data-driven digital advertising displays, has partnered with the Lone Star Business Association Cooperative (LSBAC) to expand its EV charging network at petro-convenience stores across Texas.

EOS Linx is currently in discussion with members of LSBAC, a network of petro-convenience stores primarily centered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and across North Central Texas, to determine the most suitable locations for installing its EOS Charge Stations.


To date, EOS Charge Stations already are installed in the cities of Mount Vernon and Canton, with more locations to follow in the coming months.


Through the partnership, EOS will install up to 100 EV chargers at LSBAC member stores. The charging stations feature a 75-inch digital display that is designed to maximize brand exposure and engagement by reaching consumers when and where they are making purchasing decisions.


"Our universal EOS Charge Stations include multiple EV charging sockets and robust data analytics tools that provide stores what they need to succeed," said EOS Linx CEO Blake Snider. "We also are helping reduce range anxiety and expand charging options for residents and visitors alike across Texas."


Under the Biden Administration's infrastructure law, Texas is eligible for $400 million over the next five years to install EV charging stations. In a state as large as Texas, EV drivers can sometimes run out of charging options in smaller, more rural areas. This partnership will bring more EV chargers to those areas, reducing the charge anxiety felt by many EV drivers.


"EOS Charge Stations provide many benefits in one unique solution. We're talking about marketing and media combined with EV charging stations that will drive incremental traffic and revenue for stores, and that's a winning combination for our members," said Ziad Baddour, LSBAC vice president.


Source: EOS Linx