Friday, 13 May 2022 10:58

Oklahoma Auto Repair Shops Struggle to Get Parts Due to Supply Chain Issues

Written by Brady Halblieb, KJRH News

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For people in need of a major car repair, it might be a tough road ahead.

Auto repair shops across the country are struggling to get parts to make repairs in a timely manner. This is happening as used car prices skyrocketed across the country in the last year.


Rising used car prices are forcing more people to get their cars repaired instead of replaced. Now, some major car parts are taking longer to be delivered and that means waiting longer to get cars fixed.


“More now than ever are people wanting to invest in what they already have,” said Hunter Lindsey, service manager for Christian Brothers Automotive in Tulsa, OK.


That means a lot of business for Lindsey and his team at Christian Brothers Automotive near 81st and Mingo. They see about 100 cars per week making repairs to transmissions, engines and critical drive components like joints and axles too.


“We do big vehicle repairs and those are some of the harder parts to get,” Lindsey said.


A part that used to take days to get to his shop now takes weeks. But its electrical components Lindsey said are the hardest to find. These include items like radios, touchscreens and DVD players that could take months to come in.


Nationally, the price of a used car has skyrocketed 37% in the past year with a lack of inventory to blame. Lindsey has been here for more than seven years, he said it’s never been this challenging to get parts.


With better containment of COVID-19 and more international shipping, experts predict supply chain issues could ease down the road.


Lindsey is cautioning drivers to do everything they can to prevent any major repairs. He said the best way to do that is to be proactive. He said to frequently get your car serviced.


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