Friday, 07 January 2022 10:47

ABAT’s Consumer Complaint Form Drive is Making a Difference

Written by Autobody News Staff


...filling out a couple of forms a week.


“This would get us where we need to be,” she said. “It’s so very important that we’re taking this seriously, not only with TDI but with legislators as well; this is how we achieve that.”


Richards said many shops are scared to push the envelope.


“A lot of you don’t want to make enemies with the insurance company but this has to do with running a profitable business---having a business where you can get technicians certified and the equipment you need,” he said.


Five or six years ago, Richards said only a few shops in Texas had specialized equipment, and technicians needed to travel to a different state to get certified.


“You now have to look at your business in a different way,” he said. “Having consumers fill out these forms is a big step in doing that.”


Chad Kiffe with Berli’s Body and Fine Finishes in Pflugerville, TX, has found talking to customers about the forms on the front end has helped get them filled out.


“We have a discussion with them when they drop off their vehicle and let them know about the possible challenges, whether that’s rates, procedures or parts,” he said. “Through the process, we’re very transparent with the consumers with emails and phone calls so they understand we are looking out for their best interests.”


As a result, he said, it’s an easy sell when they pick up their vehicle; in fact, customers often...