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Arizona Collision Repair Center CFO Leading the Way for Women in the Industry


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In an industry dominated by men, Kelly Huard is blazing a trail for other women who might aspire to be leaders in the automotive field. 

Prior to joining Painter’s Collision Centers in Queen Creek, AZ, as the CFO in January 2021, Huard achieved great success in the fields of commercial real estate, commercial HVAC and restaurant and hospitality. She is well-versed in setting up infrastructure, including human resources, payroll, administration, SOPs and all financial services, which applies well to her current role. 


As the CFO of Painter’s Collision Centers, Huard, along with owner/operator James Huard, has developed a strategic business plan to purchase underperforming collision repair facilities and grow them, forming a regional MSO.  


“Kelly brings a high-level flair to our industry,” James Huard said. “She’s progressive, disciplined and a leader in every way.”


“When  I met Jim, I was intrigued by his passion for the collision repair industry," Kelly Huard said. "Through our discussions over the years about quality, teamwork and the challenge to return the customer’s vehicle---which keeps their life moving---to them as soon as possible, the industry struck me as being highly essential and I wanted to be a part of it. 


"I broke into the industry through consulting work, as quite often career collision repairers, while good at operating their facility, need assistance in creating proper financials," she continued. "Jim taught me that the biggest asset in running a shop is knowing your margins, so I incorporated those into every financial package I prepared while consulting for the industry. Very quickly, I wanted more involvement in the industry.


"Rather than just doing the financial reporting, I wanted to learn to run one, as I found myself...

...having so many ideas for how to better the businesses," Kelly Huard said. "The financials are a window into the operations. Through the financials, you can see most of the strengths and weaknesses of any operation. I had to be a part of this.


“Jim and I decided to take the leap and purchase a shop in Queen Creek, AZ," she continued. "We identified the area as one of the top growing areas in the country and wanted to bring quality, efficiency and good values to the industry. We hit the ground running, with Jim building the teams, the business and the operation’s SOPs, while I built the infrastructure, financials, compliance, licensing, etc. 


"The two of us bring corporate structure with independent ownership care. We have developed a culture where our team members are excited to come to work every day," Kelly Huard concluded. "As former employees ourselves, taking care of our team is of the utmost importance to us. We are very grateful for their dedication and hard work. In one year, we have exceeded our projections and this is only the beginning. We can’t wait to build an MSO built on quality, teamwork and excellence.”


Source: Painter's Collision Centers


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