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Tesla Giga Texas Grand Opening Party Scheduled for Early 2022

Written by Maria Merano, Teslarati
Tesla Giga Texas Grand Opening Party Scheduled for Early 2022 Gail Alfar/Twitter


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Tesla Giga Texas production seems set to start early next year, making 2022 another exciting year for the company.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed there will be a grand opening party for the Model Y and Cybertruck production facility early next year. 


As the buildout of Giga Texas comes to a close, it is getting harder to see inside the massive Gigafactory and spot any interesting updates about the site. Musk acknowledged the situation and announced Tesla would hold a Giga Texas grand opening party with factory tours early next year.


Tesla Gigafactory grand openings have always be fun events. Tesla has made it a point to celebrate every new factory. For Giga Shanghai, Musk flew to China and gave people a sneak peek at his dance skills during the grand opening party---which also happened to include a marriage proposal. 


For Giga Berlin, the party didn’t stop, and neither did the dancing. Tesla planned a country fair/rave party for Gigafactory Berlin’s grand opening party. During Giga Fest, Musk had another fun surprise: Giga Bier.


Tesla’s grand opening party for Giga Texas will probably just as fun as Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin’s celebrations. In October, Musk seemed to like the idea of a Texas BBQ party for the Tesla gigafactory in Austin. 


The Thrillist said Central Texas style BBQ has become...

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