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Colorado Car Crash Obliterates 2 Classic Cars

Colorado Car Crash Obliterates 2 Classic Cars Twitter

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A driver veered off I-25 in Wellington, CO, broke through a fence, drove across a field, smashed through a tree barrier and crashed into a garage where three classic cars were parked, damaging two of them.

That person then fled the scene. By the time fire crews arrived, the suspect’s car was on fire, but they were able to extinguish the blaze before it did further damage.


The suspect’s car was wedged on its side between a 1966 Chevrolet Nova and an older Toyota Camry. That ’66 Nova sustained quite a bit of front-end damage. Unfortunately, the Camry was pushed into a second Chevy, another Nova or possibly a Chevelle---it’s difficult to tell which because of all the debris blocking the view---damaging it as well.


Colorado State Patrol is now looking for the driver of the vehicle that crashed into the garage. Most people wouldn’t flee the scene of an accident unless they either stole the car or weren’t supposed to be driving for whatever reason. Hopefully law enforcement tracks the person down and gets answers soon.


In the photos posted to Twitter by Wellington Fire Protection District, a C2 Corvette is also shown in the garage. It looks like the sports car was unharmed.


The lesson here is even when your collectible cars are off the road, they can still fall victim to a reckless driver. We’re not pushing any particular provider, but you should have solid insurance on all your vehicles, just in case.


We thank Motorious for reprint permission.

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