Tuesday, 23 November 2021 15:05

Arkansas Thieves Swipe Beloved Classic Cars

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious

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A family in Jonesboro, AR, is grieving after someone broke into a storage unit and stole two beloved classic cars.

Both a red Chevrolet truck and a blue Toyota FJ40 have been handed down through the family as heirlooms, so they have considerably sentimental value to the family.


The theft took place sometime in the first half of November and police are searching for a suspect. We also know quite a few of our readers might be shopping for vehicles like these so if you see one like it listed online, you might want to let the Jonesboro Police Department know.


Stacy, the father of the cars' owners, restored both the Toyota and Chevy. He passed away from COVID-19 a year ago, so the classic vehicles were a lasting memory of him. Now they’re gone, likely taken by someone who’s just looking to cash in.


Adelaine, Stacy’s daughter, was given the FJ40 as a wedding present. She and her groom used the classic off-roader to leave the ceremony, creating even more of a connection to the Toyota. That would be a tough thing to process.


Storage facilities can be popular targets for thieves to hit since they know you’re likely not coming by often. That gives them plenty of time to stake out the place, break in, hotwire the cars and get away without being caught.


If you’re storing cars anywhere other than your home, you might want to consider some extra security measures like a GPS tracker or cameras. Those are also a good idea for any collectable vehicles you have at home.


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