Tuesday, 09 November 2021 09:52

Tesla Officially an Energy Provider in Texas

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


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Tesla has officially entered the Texas market as an energy provider, new documents from the Texas Public Utility Commission state.

In August, Tesla Energy filed an application with the Texas Public Utility Commission to sell power in the Lone Star State. Initially reported by Texas Monthly, Tesla’s subsidiary, known as Tesla Energy Ventures, had filed to provide energy and retail electric services to several regions around Texas, including those served by ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.


Now, a document from the Public Utility Commission has confirmed Tesla is able to supply electricity to residents in the state. The document states:


“Tesla Energy Ventures has demonstrated: (a) it has the capability to comply with all applicable ERCOT policies, protocols, guidelines, procedures and rules; (b) it has the capability to comply with all applicable ERCOT registration and certification requirements; (c) it will comply with all renewable energy portfolio standards; (d) its principals or permanent, managerial employees have at least 15 years combined experience in the competitive retail electric or gas industry; (e) it has at least one principal or permanent employee with five years of experience in energy commodity risk management of a substantial energy portfolio; (f) it has adequate staffing and employee training to meet all service level commitments; (g) it has the capability and effective procedures to be the primary point of contact for retail electric customers for distribution system service; and (h) it has a customer service plan that complies with the Commission’s customer protection and anti-discrimination rules."


As a result of these approvals, Tesla is now officially a certified energy provider in Texas. The story was initially reported by Gizmodo.


Tesla acts as an energy provider in several regions, most notably in South Australia at the Big Battery. It also has an active Virtual Power Plant in California currently in its Beta stages.


Tesla’s energy program has unique advantages compared to traditional energy providers. Due to the company’s use of solar energy and energy storage systems, Tesla Energy users are more likely to...

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