Friday, 10 September 2021 19:03

Xcel Energy Drives Toward Electric Vehicle Future in Colorado


...deliver 100% carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050.


The company’s transition to more electric cars, trucks and buses will help keep bills low for all customers, including those who don’t drive an EV. In Colorado, customer bills are already 34% below the national average.


The company launched four new residential EV programs in Colorado making it easier and less costly for all residential customers in Colorado to drive electric. Eligible customers can now have a charger installed at their house for a low monthly fee, save on energy with a $50 annual reward, get rebates for home wiring upgrades and, for income qualified customers, receive rebates for new or pre-owned car purchases/leases.


For businesses, multifamily housing and communities looking to go electric, Colorado customers will have an EV concierge guide them on the journey of electrification while taking advantage of EV infrastructure support and the option of Xcel Energy-provided charging equipment.


Businesses, governments and organizations serving higher emissions or income-qualified communities can also benefit from additional charging equipment rebates.


More information about electric vehicles and these new programs are available on the Xcel Energy website.


Source: Xcel Energy


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