Friday, 10 September 2021 19:03

Xcel Energy Drives Toward Electric Vehicle Future in Colorado


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Xcel Energy announced Sept. 9 a suite of electric vehicle charging programs is available, making EV charging easy, fast and more affordable for Colorado customers.

In addition to the company’s new residential offerings, new EV programs supporting community charging, businesses and multifamily buildings are available to empower and assist customers in their EV journey and help them drive electric to save money and reduce carbon emissions.


These programs and offerings are part of the company’s Colorado Transportation Electrification Plan and Xcel Energy’s EV vision to power 1.5 million EVs on the road in the states it serves by 2030.


As Xcel Energy increases the amount of renewable and carbon-free energy on its system, customers are increasingly charging with cleaner, reliable and more affordable energy, allowing people to charge EVs for less than the equivalent of $1 per gallon of gas. In total, over a three-year period, the programs will provide about 20,000 charging plugs in homes, businesses, workplaces, community charging hubs and other public places in Colorado.


“We are absolutely committed to making electric transportation accessible to everyone, and our innovative programs will make it easier for all Colorado customers and communities to consider going electric,” said Alice Jackson, president, Xcel Energy–Colorado. “Our new EV programs can help our customers and communities go even further to reduce carbon emissions by tackling the largest source of carbon emissions in the country---the transportation sector---and at the same time help them save money and enjoy a cleaner environment.”


Xcel Energy’s EV vision aligns with Colorado’s goal to have 940,000 electric vehicles on the roads by 2030, while making electric transportation available to all customers at a range of income levels whether they drive an EV, take transit or use ridesharing. It also complements Xcel Energy’s vision to...

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