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Tesla Cybertruck Steel Supplier’s TX Facility Inching Closer to Completion

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati
Tesla Cybertruck Steel Supplier’s TX Facility Inching Closer to Completion Steel Dynamics, Inc.


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The Tesla Cybertruck’s first customer deliveries may have been moved to next year, but this does not mean facilities supporting the production of the all-electric pickup are not inching towards completion.

Among the most notable of these facilities is Steel Dynamics Inc.’s (SDI) upcoming Sinton, TX, mill, which will produce the steel to be used for the body of the Tesla Cybertruck. 


Drone footage from Steel Dynamics’ Sinton plant in August showed the facility is coming to form. Similar to an update video posted by the company a few months ago, the August flyover featured several more structures emerging from the ground and far more machinery being installed in some of the site’s key areas.


Steel Dynamics did not provide specific details in its August flyover, but the message was clear: the Sinton plant was progressing quickly.
Steel Dynamics’ plant will play a key role in the production and ramp of the Cybertruck. But that’s not all.


The facility will also be tasked to produce the steel used by Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s private space enterprise, SpaceX, for its Starship program. Steel Dynamics’ plant is located practically in the middle between Starbase and Austin, where Tesla’s sprawling Cybertruck Gigafactory is currently being built. 


It should be noted the Cybertruck will not be using the steel produced at the Sinton plant directly. As per previous statements from San Patricio County Judge David Krebs, Tesla would still be “redoing” the steel from the Sinton facility to create the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton. This suggests, at least to some degree, the all-electric pickup truck’s steel components will have a unique Tesla touch. 


“Now some of these other companies who work with SDI will actually be...

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