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Woman Up: Glass Installer Overcomes Gender Bias

Written by Rebecca Barnabi, glassBYTEs.com
Everyone has a why. Freedom keeps Jaymie Percival moving forward. Everyone has a why. Freedom keeps Jaymie Percival moving forward. Courtesy of Jaymie Percival


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After five years as a mobile glass installer for a major auto glass retailer, Jaymie Percival said she was considered the company’s best installer in Texas.

“They knew it, but they didn’t treat me that way,” Percival, 53, said. She was also the company’s only female installer in Texas. Individuals in training were paid more than Percival, she said, adding the representatives at the company told her it was because they had families to support.


One day she was called by the company to do an installation in a Subaru. When she arrived at the jobsite, the owner, a man who was in the military, asked her if she brought someone to help her. He even called her office and asked for a man to come out and do the job.


Percival installed the glass, and 30 days later she was called into her boss’s office about it. According to Percival, her manager said the customer had written a five-page letter to the company about why the job should be done again and this time by a man. Percival’s manager told her to redo the installation, and he would watch.


“I got a lot of that in the very beginning when I started installing mobile,” Percival said.


Like the time she was called to install door glass on an Audi. After the installation, the owner of the car told her: “I guess it’s true what they say. If you want something done right, you send a woman.” Percival said the Audi owner told her four men had attempted to install the glass before her, and each had failed.


Percival began installing glass 30 years ago while in college at Texas Tech, where she earned a degree in business management while she worked part-time in the major auto glass retailer’s warehouse.


After graduation, she returned to Dallas where her father lived, and worked full-time for the company in its Arlington office for two years as a distribution sales representative.


Then she worked in retail for the company as a customer service representative, but the office was shorthanded. “I wound up in the shop to the point I was installing glass,” Percival said.


When the company reorganized and closed shops, Percival was proficient enough to become a mobile glass installer. She was with that company for 15 years, the last five of which she also...

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