Thursday, 29 July 2021 19:45

Armed EPA Agents Raid Colorado Auto Shop

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious


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For decades, car enthusiasts have despised the EPA and its ever-increasing regulations slapped on the hobby, but many automotive journalists have told them their worst fears were just plain ridiculous.

Now that authoritarianism seems to be all the rage, to save the planet and protect public health, we’re seeing armed EPA agents storming speed shops in the name of justice. A recent report from The Denver Gazette highlights the growing trend.


This is far from the first time federal authorities have targeted enthusiasts for alleged regulation violations. The Department of Homeland Security has performed raids to seize cars from owners who didn’t fill out all the import documentation precisely, complete with what looks like SWAT teams in full-body armor with long guns in early morning raids.


In The Denver Gazette article, it does mention one specific raid on a speed shop where the EPA agents were armed, but only wearing “soft armor” and they didn’t kick down the door. Instead, they patted down the elderly father of the owner before questioning him and other employees as they arrived for work, which sounds like fun.


During that raid, the EPA agents served a search warrant for “conspiracy to sell defeat devices.” Then the 12 armed agents went through the shop, collecting physical and digital forensics to try building a case against the company.


The raid was part of the EPA’s National Compliance Initiative which kicked off in December, focused on busting anyone who...

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