Friday, 16 July 2021 18:40

Flash Flooding Turns Roads into Rivers, Washes Away Toyota Prius

Written by Anthony Alaniz, Motor1.com


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Dramatic video captured flash floods tearing through the Flagstaff, AZ, community.

Land left barren and scarred by the 2019 Museum Fire allowed the rain to wash through neighborhoods, bringing massive amounts of water, debris and destruction with it. It’s something residents have been preparing for since the fire, though this is the first time there’s been enough rain to cause flooding.


According to 12 News, Coconino County officials said just 2 inches of rain fell on a portion of the Museum Fire burn scar, which was enough to cause the flooding in the area that gummed up roads, swept away cars and stranded drivers in dangerous situations.


Ground doesn’t absorb water as well after a fire. More rain directly on the burned area could have made the situation so much worse. Torrential rain lashed the area July 13 and 14.


Fast-moving water stranded a man and his two young daughters on the roof of their vehicle after floodwaters swept away their Jeep Wrangler. A collection of flood videos has one clip that captured the rushing waters washing a Toyota Prius down the street, which collided with a white Ram pickup down the road.


The clips show some residents were prepared, with sandbags lined outside their houses in an attempt to keep the waters at bay.


So far, thankfully, there haven’t been any reports of deaths or serious injuries related to the flash flooding hitting the area. A bigger storm in the future that drops more rain could cause even more destruction, with the recent flooding serving as a reminder humans can rarely hold back nature.


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