Wednesday, 02 June 2021 12:12

Texas Senate Passes Street Racing Bill

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious



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People in Texas have had it with illegal street racing and street takeovers, which helped a bill aimed at stopping the illegal activities pass the State Senate recently.

Now that bill is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott. It will allow law enforcement to seize racers’ cars, which hopefully will act as a deterrent.


The bill makes it easier for law enforcement officers to seize a vehicle if the driver has been participating in street racing or a takeover event and has multiple offenses, is intoxicated or causes a death. That sounds pretty reasonable, but we already know some will shout about how this is a case of government overreach.


Sadly, street racing is far from a victimless crime. Sure, you can participate in it without any incidents for months or years, but the fact is speeding around on public roads with other cars “in the way” can end tragically.


Two street-racing teen drivers killed an 11-year-old girl, leaving one adult in the vehicle in critical condition and another in serious condition, after they plowed into the back of a Toyota RAV4 in Central Florida recently. Another street racer driving a Dodge Charger slammed into another car in a Los Angeles intersection, killing the driver.


In Dallas, a 54-year-old woman was shot and killed after an intersection was shut down in a street takeover. We could go on, but hopefully...

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