Monday, 10 May 2021 20:51

Oklahoma EV Drivers will Soon Pay into Transportation Tax

Written by Kimberly James, The Center Square
Oklahoma EV Drivers will Soon Pay into Transportation Tax buffaloboy|Shutterstock


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People who own electric vehicles will likely have to pay a new tax to help support Oklahoma's transportation infrastructure.

The Oklahoma Senate approved the Driving on Road Infrastructure with Vehicles of Electricity Act of 2021. The DRIVE Act, House Bill 2234, helps to ensure electric vehicle owners contribute to the state's transportation infrastructure, just like traditional gasoline-based vehicle owners.


The law would create a registration fee and a public-recharging tax.


“EV advocates, industry and the policy community locally have opposed these in the past, but the consensus among most of us this year was that we needed to settle the issue so we can move on to other conversations to move the needle on EVs in a more positive way," Adriane Jaynes, coordinator for Tulsa Area Clean Cities, told The Center Square.


One version or another of this bill has been presented to the legislature for the past four years. Through this session, legislators expressed their intention that this is a fair tax, simply a way for EV drivers to pay into road maintenance.


“Significant improvements were made to HB 2234 via a companion bill, SB 600, which passed this week," said Eric Pollard, of Central Oklahoma Clean Cities. "Key amendments included in SB 600 are exemption for all chargers capable of charging at 50kW or less, free charging is exempt and...

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