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Nationwide Support Spotlights Tulsa Race Massacre Economic Empowerment Day


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Many American students never learned about the Tulsa Race Massacre in history class, or about the tragic leveling of a once thriving "Black Wall Street" in 1921.

On June 1, leaders, investors, business owners and entrepreneurs will gather in Tulsa, OK, to observe the 100th anniversary of one of the most devastating race crimes in the history of our nation.


The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission's Economic Empowerment Day (EED) will mark this milestone with an interactive conference designed to create a collective focal point for the national conversation on the racial wealth gap and inequality in access to capital.


As part of its ongoing commitment to economic empowerment and social justice, Nationwide is supporting this important event with a $100,000 contribution and active participation from three top executives.


Eric Stevenson, president of Nationwide Retirement Solutions, is an Oklahoma native and will serve as co-host for the day. Retiring Nationwide Chief Administrative Officer Gale King and Nationwide Retirement Institute leader Kristi Martin Rodriguez will participate in panel discussions.

"What's happening in Tulsa is truly inspiring. Rather than continuing to bury the reality of what happened, the community is embracing its past and using it as a model for how we can accelerate our progress," Stevenson said. "With leadership from Gov. [Kevin] Stitt, [U.S.] Sen. [James] Lankford, State Sen. [Kevin] Matthews, Mayor [G.T.] Bynum, Commission Project Director Phil Armstrong and many others, what started as a local effort has become a unifying event and it's driving national awareness and conversations.


"We are deeply grateful to our sponsors from all over the country who are elevating what happened 100 years ago in the Greenwood District to put words into action and enhance the path forward."


Stevenson will co-host Economic Empowerment Day along with actor and author Hill Harper, and Ron Parker, president and CEO of the National Association of Securities Professionals.


The event includes...

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