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Rehabbed Car for Annual Responsible Parenting Award Goes to a Dad for First Time

John Rose, right, and his daughter, Journee, left. John Rose, right, and his daughter, Journee, left.


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For the first time in 22 years of gifting rehabbed cars to needy moms, Bates Collision Centers in Texas will present keys to a young father whose daughter is enrolled in Harris County Department of Education Head Start.

The historic moment will be celebrated in person Dec. 17 outside the Bates Collison Center, 3219 N. Main St. in Baytown, TX.


Dad John Rose and daughter Journee will join owners Lee and Leila Bates, their staff and community to unwrap the mystery vehicle filled with gifts and equipped with insurance for six months.


The 22nd Annual Bates Responsible Parenting Awards provides “helping out with a hand up” as the Bates and their staff spent months rehabbing a collision vehicle to gift it to a deserving parent.


The 32-year-old father works as a truck driver for Amazon. He said he has turned his life around after getting into trouble in his younger years.


Daughter Journee, 4, attends the HCDE Head Start at Fifth Ward. Her dad also volunteers at the center through a leadership group called the Policy Council.


“This car is going to change my life because I won’t have to take the bus anymore,” Rose said. “I will be able to take my daughter to school every morning. It’s important to be in my child’s education.”


The Bates make the annual giveaway a priority because they recognize the sacrifices parents often make in order to provide for their children.


Journee is a precocious, bright child with a big vocabulary. She is enthusiastic about...

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