Monday, 16 November 2020 19:52

Tesla Starts Hiring Ramp for Gigafactory Texas Engineers, HR

Written by Maria Merano, Teslarati


Around the same time Giga Texas’ construction kicked off 24/7 shifts, Tesla started a hiring ramp for its Gigafactory in Austin.

A local news report stated the EV automaker is already looking for an HR manager for the upcoming Cybertruck factory. Tesla has also recently posted a couple new engineering jobs on its career page, all of which are located in Austin, TX.


The Austin Business Journal published a job position for an experienced HR manager for Tesla Giga Texas. The description for the job was very colorful and asked for a specific kind of individual for the position.


“Check your ego at the door. We don’t allow them on the property,” it said. “We care about people, growth, excellence and results. We tend to lose sleep over them as this is not easy. Bottom line, we are in search of real people that believe in and deliver the impossible every day. You must love and thrive in that fast paced, high energy chaotic environment.”


The responsibilities of Gigafactory Texas’s HR manager includes “Making the impossible possible,” and “Love to be challenged, REALLY CHALLENGED!” The tone and diction of the job description spoke volumes about the kind of work environment Tesla will create for Giga Texas employees. 


Besides an HR manager, Tesla’s Careers page revealed the company is looking for engineers to work at its Austin-based Gigafactory as well, particularly a quality engineer, controls engineer and manufacturing equipment engineer. Job posts for all three of the engineering positions were posted Nov. 13. 


All three of the engineering jobs fall under the “manufacturing” category, which may be quite telling. Teslarati previously reported Giga Texas started working three shifts in an effort to accelerate the construction of it production facilities. During Tesla’s “Travis County Colorado River Project Partner Pre-Qualification Presentation,” the EV automaker estimated Giga Texas’s first dry-in would be Dec. 30.


If it meets the set date for the dry-in, Tesla could start Cybertruck trial production sooner than expected, giving the company ample time to...

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